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Planet Pizza- Beloved Late-Night Pizza Haven

Updated: May 29

By Emily Miceli ( or @emilyrosemiceli )

Graduates celebrating at Planet Pizza
Graduates celebrating at Planet Pizza

Every city boasts that one legendary pizza spot, and Planet Pizza claims that title in Orlando, Florida. Founded roughly 30 years ago by Marko Saljanin, its exact inception date is unknown, Planet Pizza quickly became a beloved late-night haven. Following Marko's passing in 2019, the adjoining bar owners bought the establishment, preserving its cherished legacy. If you've ever spent a night bar-hopping in DTO, chances are you've ended up at Planet Pizza at least once or twice—personally, I've lost count.

Woman in white dress and man in suit feeding each other slices of Planet Pizza's Pizza
Lovebirds share slices of our Pizza

I recently caught up with one of the owners, John SanFelippo, who shared what makes Planet Pizza so special. He shared a heartwarming story about a couple who dropped by one night, reminiscing about their UCF days in the early 2000s when Planet Pizza was their go-to joint. They made a special trip during their Florida visit just to relive those memories, and they found the pizza tasted just as amazing as they remembered. John also mentioned that the place has been a backdrop for engagement shoots, where couples whose love story started over a slice return to capture their special moments. I also asked him about his favorite item of course, which he replied with a smile “The meat lovers”. 

Street view of Planet Pizza
Street view of Planet Pizza

Every slice of pizza at Planet Pizza tells a story—a story of community, nostalgia, and shared moments. So, whether you're a local looking for your new late night go-to, or a visitor seeking a taste of Orlando's food scene, make sure to stop by Planet Pizza. With each bite, you'll taste the flavors and feel the community that has made this pizzeria an Orlando icon.

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