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Pride on The Block

A Place Downtown for LGBTQ+ Community Events and Entertainment

Welcome to The Block Orlando, a vibrant entertainment district where diversity and community come together to create unforgettable experiences. Nestled in the heart of downtown Orlando, The Block is home to a variety of venues that have hosted an array of LGBTQ+ community events and concerts. From rooftop drag shows to spirited raves and iconic performances, we are dedicated to celebrating the LGBTQ+ community.

chappell roan
Chappell Roan performing at The Beacham, 2023.
Queens opening the Chappell Roan show
Queens opening the Chappell Roan show

A Home for LGBTQ+ Events and Concerts

At The Block Orlando, our venues are more than just spaces; they are sanctuaries of self-expression and celebration. 

The Beacham, our largest venue, has been the cornerstone for many of these events. Notable among them is The Rainbow Rave, an empowering night of music and dance, with all proceeds benefiting The Orlando Youth Alliance, a local organization dedicated to supporting LGBTQ+ youth. The Beacham also regularly hosts the recurring Broadway Rave, a joyous celebration of musical theater. Music lovers have also flocked to The Beacham for concerts by artists like Chappell Roan, who brings local drag queens to the stage to open her show, as well as sounds and messages of inclusivity to our stage.

The Social, another gem within The Block, has welcomed incredible artists such as G-Flip, who delivered an unforgettable performance attended by none other than Jojo Siwa. Another artist with a large LGBTQ+ following  is Noahfinnce, who

blew us away with his show back in March. These concerts not only entertain but also foster a sense of community and belonging.

Fans lined up around the corner for the Chappell Roan show in Downtown Orlando
Fans lined up around the corner for the Chappell Roan show

Commitment to Inclusivity

Our dedication to the LGBTQ+ community extends beyond events. At The Block Orlando, we are proud to employ a diverse team that includes members of the LGBTQ+ community and allies who are passionate about creating an inclusive environment for everyone. 

Informing Guests

We understand the importance of safety and comfort for our guests. That’s why we display stickers and provide safety information on our front doors. These stickers state “this location is a safe palace for victims of anti-LGBTQ crimes and harassment”  as well as encouraging reporting any anti-lgbtq crimes “to call 911 and wait for police to arrive".

We believe that everyone deserves a place where they can be their true selves without fear.

History of LGBTQ+ Events at The Beacham

In a recent interview with Amy SanFelippo, the Marketing Director and partner of The Block Orlando, she shared insights into the longstanding support the venue has provided to the LGBTQ+ community. According to Amy, "For decades now, The Beacham has joyfully created large LGBT community draws like The Vanity Ball, a showcase of Hair & Make Up trends put on by local salons and stylists hosted by the legendary Miss Sammy (Sam Singhaus) and Haipeace." Amy further elaborated on the significance of the venue's contribution, explaining, "The iconic fashion and hair fusion runway show MC'd by John 'Tweeka' Barber to benefit the organization CENTAUR." She emphasized the role of these events and personalities in fostering acceptance within the community, stating, "Both of these notable talents help foster acceptance in our community by putting the art of drag in the forefront of mainstream entertainment." Reflecting on their impact, Amy added, "They are both deeply missed." To learn more check out the article written about the event:

Join Us at The Block Orlando

Whether you’re attending a high-energy rave, enjoying a rooftop drag brunch, or soaking in the sounds of a live concert, The Block Orlando offers a vibrant atmosphere that celebrates diversity. We invite you to join us for an event and experience the warmth and camaraderie that defines our community.

Chappell Roan and fans at The Beacham
Chappell Roan and fans at The Beacham Orlando.

Our events are vibrant celebrations that unite our diverse LGBTQ+ family.

Join us and be part of Pride at The Block.

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